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Kinly Eyebeauty Sydney

About "jian li" (kinly = love)

Jian Li multinational cosmetic surgery group (trading as Kinly Eyebeauty) was founded in 1995. We are the largest cosmetic surgery chain and proud to be the first brand founded that specialises in the minimally invasive surgery for eyes in the Asia-Pacific region. Our headquarters are based in Hong Kong. From there, our company expanded and took over a large share of the market for minimally invasive cosmetic eye surgery in the Asia-Pacific region. In mainland China, we are even more ambitious: we have opened branches in 16 major cities in China within the past 21 years.

Jian Li International  Kinly Eyebeauty  has made its first step to enter the international market on 01 Oct 2016. We opened our first overseas branch in Sydney. This is the first time a Chinese top cosmetic surgery organisation stepped into the overseas market. This also formed a solid foundation for Jian Li to execute its multinational development strategy. In the future, Jian Li will continue to expand in mainland China and other major cities, especially in the Asia-Pacific region and the European market. The company also plans to enter the North American market in 2021.


Jian Li Group  Kinly Eyebeauty  is a top cosmetic surgery chain organisation. The Sydney Flagship Store is now open. The company has invested AU$2 million to purchase the best cosmetic machines and devices. We also provide our clients with a strong and professional team which is formed by famous local cosmetic surgeons. We aim to build the safest and most effective cosmetic surgery organisaiton in Australia. 




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