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Shape Your Success with 

The Most Comfortable and Painless Fat Reduction Treatment

UltraShape Power is a complete solution for non-invasive body shaping. Clinically proven in more than 350,000 treatments worldwide, it delivers unsurpassed fat destruction results – quickly, safely and comfortably. With no thermal effect, treatments are painless, surrounding tissue, nerves and blood vessels are unharmed, and there are no visible signs of treatment.

Customizable Treatments

Treatments can be customized for each patient, with no applicator-imposed restrictions on treatment size or body shape.

Visible and Fast Results

UltraShape Power typically produces measurable fat layer and circumference reduction results – much sooner than thermal-based treatments after just 3 sessions. Your patients can quickly see and feel the difference.

Superior ROI for Your Practice

With increased power and Fly Mode, which reduces session time, UltraShape Power delivers impressive patient outcomes and enhances the user experience. It delivers a superior return on investment compared with other non-invasive fat destruction methodologies, as it covers a larger area in less time.1Additionally, as UltraShape Power is also effective on patients with BMI >28, it offers a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, opening opportunities for new revenues.

UltraShape Power is CE-approved for non-invasive mechanical fat cell destruction and body contouring.

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Localized Fat Backgrounder

Localized fat deposits and cellulite, natural ways of storing fat, are problematic for a few reasons, one being today’s aesthetic criteria that condemn it, the other being related to certain lifestyles that encourage its development.

UltraShape Mechanism of Action

The UltraShape Power system works by emitting acoustic waves of focused ultrasonic energy (200 ± 30 KHz frequency) that converge into a confined focal volume underneath the skin, thereby, targeting only subcutaneous fat at a controlled depth. Unlike traditional ultrasound technology, UltraShape Power’s energy transmits pulsed ultrasound, allowing control over temperature elevation.

 Using Ultrashaoe device in Kinly eyebeauty clinic.

Using Ultrashaoe device in Kinly eyebeauty clinic.


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